English Class

So right now, I’m sitting in the middle of English class. I’m supposed to be brainstorming ideas that could be used for my own “myth.” My teacher, being the great teacher that he is, has allowed us to accompany the assignment with an art form of your choice. Needless to say, I plan to accompany my myth with some sort of musical interpretation.

If you didn’t know, I used to do quite a bit of story writing before I started writing music, and I find that the creative processes for both are very similar. Hopefully an inspiration will come to me soon enough.

The Music of Halo

You can’t deny that the music in this trailer is beautiful, and is essential to the delivery of the right mood to the audience. Music in films and games are design to do just that: get the mood across to the audience.

The composer for the Halo video game franchise is Martin O’Donnell, and he is an amazing composer. Because I’m a big gamer, I of course play Halo, and I appreciate much of the great music in the games. He talks about his inspirations, his use of various instruments, and his history in many of the interviews that I’ve seen, and it’s all greatly inspiring.

To finish, this piece of his is perhaps the most emotional piece of music ever composed for a video game.

Love Those Letters

A very exciting opportunity arose a few weeks ago when my band teacher asked me to arrange a song for our school’s Pep Band. This song is an alphabet song for kids, and was written by a local music teacher and reading specialist. It’s a catchy little tune, and I’ve been working on it for a few days now. Hopefully, I’ll finish it before the weekend so that I can discuss and edit the piece as need be with my band teacher.

Our Pep Band will be playing this song in the city parade in June.

The Weather and Its Various Inspirations

The weather today was actually quite nice, and that’s a blessing that we don’t get here in our city. I immediately had the urge to go play Ultimate outside as I always do on days with nice weather, and I eventually did with a few friends.

The typical “nice” day may not be a inspirational thing for many of you, but for me (since I so rarely see it), it gives me quite a lot of music inspiration. And that’s not the only type of weather that does: rainy days, sitting by my window listening to the raindrops fall, is a great source of sad melodies.
Personally I think it’s quite difficult to capture the feeling of a natural element in music, but when done right, it can be quite beautiful.
Here are some pieces that I think embody nature very well.