Since this is my first post I think I’ll keep it short and simple. Actually, considering the time that I have every day to blog, most of my posts won’t be too lengthy.

Basically, here’s the scoop. I realized that it would be a good idea to record all the research, self-teaching, and composing that I do with music and at the same time share it with friends, teachers, etc. So I thought I should start blogging. I’ve tried blogs before quite a few times for various reasons, but I never was diligent enough to keep it up for long. Hopefully it’ll be different with this one, because music is something that encompasses every moment of my life, and I have much to say about it.

Another thing, I’ve done quite a lot of music related things prior to this point, which means sometimes I’ll be speaking about things that are from the past.

Back to homework for now.

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