I’m going to take the time now to list my abilities and priorities, because I realized I simply can’t have my own recording studio, write music, produce for a friend’s band, and learn film scoring all at once. So:

I have the most experience with writing music itself. Composing with pencil, paper, and later with my computer, MIDI Keyboard and Finale is something that I’ve been doing for years.

With that in mind, my priority is to, of course, write original music. However, when I write for my preferred ensembles (concert band, symphony orchestra), it’s difficult to have it played because of the lack of my “personal orchestra.” Hence, my necessity of some sort of software to synthesize and make my music sound realistic without the need for a live recording of an orchestra. That’s where Cubase comes in.

Ideally, that would be my top priority: learning to use Cubase for the purpose of synthesizing my compositions. However, Cubase is simply so powerful that there are so many other things I’d like to do, such as compose right on the software itself instead of importing from Finale, or matching my scores to film. Hopefully I’ll get to those things in time to help a friend out with his movie project by scoring his film.

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