The Second Post

I know, what a creative title, right?

As expected, I have a lot to say, because it is the first day of posting on the blog after all. So let’s start from the beginning.

As a small child growing up in Korea I learned piano for a few years, did some traditional Korean music in school, and even tried a little bit of violin, but it wasn’t anything special. In fact, I barely remember any of that. It was when I came to the U.S. and started the bassoon in 5th grade when I actually became a musician.

And even then, I was only a member of the band, nothing more. Until 7th grade came around, and I met this girl who loved to play piano. I grew close to her through 8th-9th grade and she basically launched me into the world of music. That’s the time I got myself a copy of Finale, and started writing music. Ever since then it’s been learning and learning and more learning.

I made some big leaps when I started teaching myself music theory around the start of this year. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much from simply teaching myself through books and internet resources, and I’m very happy with the knowledge I now possess in the area. But just like any other subject, there’s always more to learn.

More recently, and by that I mean a few days ago, I got a copy of Cubase! Very exciting stuff. Before it’s always been writing music in finale or sequence music in FL Studio. While Finale is a very advanced, industry standard program, it’s a notational software. Cubase is going to allow me to synthesize and work more realistically with my scores.

If I can learn it, that is. Currently, I’m squeezing my brain out trying to get a hang of this thing; it’s a lot more complex than FL Studio, which is the sequencer with which I’m used to working. Wish me luck while I try to figure this thing out. It’ll probably take me a few months, but hey, Finale took me a few years and now I’m a master of the thing. 

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