Band Concert

On May 25th, our school’s Concert Band had its last concert of the year. It was a bittersweet occasion marked by amazing musicianship and sadness for the leaving Seniors. All the months that we spent preparing for this concert suddenly seemed all worth the work.

The Concert Band played Casey at the Bat, a musical interpretation of the poem of the same name, by Ernest L. Thayer. It was an exciting piece that included a narration of the poem as we played the piece. Never had I played with a narrator before. The Band also played music from The Star Wars Trilogy, composed, of course, by the renowned John Williams and arranged for concert band by Donald Hunsberger. As the theme of the concert, if you haven’t already guessed, was something along the lines of “the greatest stories ever told,” we spent the evening with many Star Wars quotes, jokes, and even donning baseball caps during our performance of Casey at the Bat.

Many Chamber Ensembles also performed, including the Percussion Ensemble, Saxophone Quartet, and the Woodwind Quintet. I myself was a part of the Woodwind Quintet, and was able to perform the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Greig, arranged for Woodwind Quintet by Joachim Linckelmann.

The evening turned out to be fantastic, as friends, teachers and other adults congratulated me and the band on our performance. It was clear that the audience had thoroughly enjoyed the concert. After all, when you end with a piece like Star Wars, how can people not love it?

I’d like to end with two things:

Seniors, I will miss you all very much. I have no doubt you’ll all come back to visit us next year, your musicianship and skill will be greatly missed, not to mention your humor and enthusiasm!

And last but most definitely not least, I would like to give a tremendous thanks to our band director, who has taught me for two full years now. I must say that with each concert, something improves, and I have no doubt that will be the case with each and every concert in the future. But not without your unmatched dedication and support for our musical growth. You have influenced my life in ways unimaginable. So, although I feel that two words are not enough to convey my feelings toward you, I put all my Heart and Soul into them: Thank You.


I don’t like putting up unpolished work, which is probably why you don’t see much of my original work on the blog. Combine that trait with my ever-so-busy schedule, and that means not too many finished pieces and infrequent blog posts. However, even though this piece is unpolished, I thought it was good enough to let people listen to it.

Forgiveness: I may deserve it, I may not, but I ask for it and your renewed trust in me.

Two Steps From Hell

After a conversation with a friend of mine about epic orchestral music composed for trailers, I knew I had to make this long overdue post.
When most people watch movie trailers, they don’t pay attention to the music, it’s all about the anticipation, the “I can’t wait!” feeling. That feeling would not be there without the epic music. In something as short as a trailer, it really is the music that delivers the mood.

That said, where do movie directors go when they want epic music for their trailers? The answer is, of course, Two Steps From Hell.

Two Steps From Hell is a company that produces movie trailer music, and one of the best out there. Their music is known for being extremely memorable and “epic” (there’s that word again). If you’re a big movie person, there’s no doubt you’ve heard their music somewhere, whether you may know it or not. Their website has a list of trailers that they scored, a very full list riddled with many famous movies.

What better way is there to experience the greatness of their music than to listen to it for yourself? Here are some of my favorites (I even arranged some of these for Brass Quintet and String Orchestra):

Epic Music

Epic music has been a type of music that always  captured my attention more than any other, probably because it is so difficult to write. However, when done right, it can really blow someone away. Here’s a great example of what I mean by Epic.

Music from October Sky

I first saw this movie in my Design and Drawing for Production class (trust me, it was related) and the music from it has stuck with me ever since. It was the first piece in which I really heard the full potential of the strings’ beauty. It’s one of those themes that just sticks with you after the movie is over, especially because the movie is so moving.

This is another great tune from the movie, just as string-centric and beautiful as the first one.

Digital Audio Workstation

I hesitate to call my new computer a full Digital Audio Workstation, as it lacks an audio interface and mixer, but for my purposes I only require a MIDI Controller hooked up to a fast computer, and I’m good to go, since most of my high tech gear is software.

But the important fact is, I’m upgrading from my gaming laptop (which has served me quite well) to a new custom built desktop with top of the line specs. I’m very excited to receive all the parts and put them together!

Star Wars Movie Night

Due to the fact that we are playing the music of Star Wars in our school band, we decided to get together and have a Star Wars movie night where we would watch the entire original trilogy at once. Needless to say, it was an absolute blast of 7 hours, with friends. Since I hadn’t watched the movies in quite a while, it was a great experience for me to enjoy the music that I not only love, but now am playing!