Two Steps From Hell

After a conversation with a friend of mine about epic orchestral music composed for trailers, I knew I had to make this long overdue post.
When most people watch movie trailers, they don’t pay attention to the music, it’s all about the anticipation, the “I can’t wait!” feeling. That feeling would not be there without the epic music. In something as short as a trailer, it really is the music that delivers the mood.

That said, where do movie directors go when they want epic music for their trailers? The answer is, of course, Two Steps From Hell.

Two Steps From Hell is a company that produces movie trailer music, and one of the best out there. Their music is known for being extremely memorable and “epic” (there’s that word again). If you’re a big movie person, there’s no doubt you’ve heard their music somewhere, whether you may know it or not. Their website has a list of trailers that they scored, a very full list riddled with many famous movies.

What better way is there to experience the greatness of their music than to listen to it for yourself? Here are some of my favorites (I even arranged some of these for Brass Quintet and String Orchestra):

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Now looking back I see TSFH music everywhere in trailers- you’re right about the StarCraft reference, and also in the new movie Priest, the trailer music is Nemesis I believe (or one of the other ridiculously good songs)

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