School is over, and summer is in full swing. The weather’s hot, the sun’s blazing, and the long, empty days fill me with nothing but longing. Longing for fun, friends, the past, music, whatever that I may want at the time. I can definitely tell it’s summer because my motivation and productivity has already dropped visibly. And that’s what happens every summer.

This summer has to be different.

Not only do I plan to keep myself busy by preparing myself academically, but hopefully I can find a place to gain volunteer hours and maybe even some new work.

Musically, I hope to pick up two new instruments which I have yet to reveal, continue practicing my bassoon and tenor saxophone, and with luck, even obtain some formal teaching of composition.

Above all, I have to keep pushing myself. Summer comes and goes before you know it, and this time I plan to make the most of it.

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