The New, The Old, The Timeless

A random thought: wouldn’t it be cool to be able to post melodies or even just sounds as your facebook status?

So, I sold my Yamaha YPT-220 on Ebay to upgrade to a Keystation 61es. Why? The Keystation 61es is not a digital piano like the Yamaha YPT-220, but is rather a MIDI controller. This means it does not make sound on its own and requires being connected to a VST on a software such as Cubase or Finale to make sound. Since I only use my keyboard for composing, this is not a problem for me. Also, the Keystation 61es has semi-weighted keys and velocity sensitive keys. Not only that, but it saves much more desk space.

I’m still debating whether to buy the Keystation 61es or the Keystation 88es. Is the extra range worth the cost?

When I have all the new equipment bought, which includes the new MIDI controller, a pedal, and a new wireless keyboard for my computer, my workstation will be complete. For now.

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