That’s right, the second instrument that I am learning over the summer is none other than the beautiful flute! And I say beautiful because over the past few weeks that I have been playing this instrument, I have fallen in love with its sound. The only other time I have had exposure to its sound is during band; unfortunately our school has a few too many flute players.

Actually, I mean WAY too many flute players.

Anyhow, the point is that you don’t actually learn the intimate sound of the instrument until you play it. The flute, for some reason, amplified that effect. The sound I heard while playing the flute myself felt so distinctly different than the sound I had heard in band.

In terms of progress, I’ve been playing music that fit the flute quite well, and I have been loving the experience. Ever since throwing down the beginner book after 3 days, I have been playing themes such as Gabriel’s Oboe, Concerning Hobbits, Angel of Music, etc.

Back to flute for now!

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