Day 2 at CME

More Jim Papoulis music, more friend-making, more fun, and lots more singing.

Jim Papoulis held a song-writing workshop with our choir, and while it’s difficult to write a song with 90 kids, he was very inclusive with the singers. He made sure the song was about our own lives rather than his. While he figured out much of the musical aspects of the song, watching him work was inspiring, to say the least. Knowing that he created music the same way I did (but with much more adept skill and musical knowledge that you can only get from years of experience), it was almost as if he was saying to me, “keep doing what you do, you’ll be like me someday.”

Afterwards, I went up and had a word with him. He was a very approachable person, and seemed to genuinely interested in my wish of becoming a composer. One day, I hope to be the one leading the song-writing workshop. Hey, I can still dream, right?

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