The Phantom of the Opera

The longest running show on Broadway to date. Second-longest on West End. It is the highest grossing musical theater production of all time. I speak of none other than… Yes, I realize there’s no point being dramatic when the title already says it all, but come on! It’s the Phantom of the Opera! This is the masterful creation of Andrew Lloyd Webber that has grasped the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Its haunting yet beautiful music connects with your heart no matter who you are.

Personally, I fell in love with the story after watching the film version for the first time. Since then I have seen the movie countless times and have seen the production in Broadway. If you have not, go see it on Broadway. It is definitely one experience you will never regret.

The music itself is so well crafted that it pulls at my emotions no matter how many times I listen to the songs. Perhaps it is because I have a personal story entwined with each and every one of them, or perhaps it is because the story of the Phantom is simply so memorable. Whatever the reason, I know I will never get tired of listening to these songs.

And for the fellow Phans out there who don’t know about it yet, there is a sequel by Andrew Lloyd Webber currently on West End called Love Never Dies. The soundtrack is just as haunting, but I have heard the plot has received bad reviews. Perhaps the composer’s major revisions that took place not too long ago changed the opinions, but nonetheless I plan to go see it on Broadway.

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