Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, and other Youtube Stars

I’ve always been a fan of the college students or “hobby musicians” that posted their songs on Youtube, but it was only after a conversation with a friend of mine about Kurt Hugo Schneider that I thought of writing a blog post about them. I envy not only their musical abilities but also their great success on Youtube, and of course their resources that allowed them to produce such great works. If you don’t know them already, do check out their channel.

Here is a list that I think will keep you busy for a while: Sam Tsui, Christina Grimmie, AHMIR, Jake Bruene, Megan Nicole, Dave Days, Tiffany Alvord. Many of these artists will soon or already have their own record labels and albums. Perhaps not the type of success that I would want, but a musical success nonetheless. I have nothing but respect for these people. Except Tiffany Alvord. I think she’s also extremely cute.

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