Status Update


  • Clarinet: I have not gotten as far through the beginner book as I would have liked, but progress is quite evident. I can play themes such as Shenandoah and Schindler’s List on it, and plan to to move onto Pep Band music as soon as I can get access to it.
  • Flute: A lot of effort has gone into playing the flute, and it seems it was all worth the work. I can play themes from the Lord of the Rings, Gabriel’s Oboe, and more. I plan to learn more high notes and improve my tone in the high registers. I would’ve moved onto Pep Band music quite a while ago if I had access to them!
  • Guitar: For having played the instrument for only about 2 weeks, I’d say I know quite a wide selection of chords. Still trying to get the strings names down, though. I overcame my inability to switch chords quickly after the first week of practice, and since I love to play songs such as Perhaps Love, American Pie and House of the Rising Sun, I think I’ll be playing it more as the month goes on.


  • I’ve recently started writing a piece for our school Symphony Orchestra, which is turning out quite well. More updates on that later for sure.
  • The choral piece I composed for Jim Papoulis requires its final edits, and after that it should be ready for the school choir director’s perusal. 
  • I do need to write another piece for our band, as I have done every summer. However, inspiration has not struck me yet, and if it doesn’t come to me before school starts, I may just do the heavy revising that is required of the piece I composed last year for the school band.
That’s about it for now. Check back later for more updates!

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