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As a Junior in high school it’s high time for me to be thinking about where I want to continue my higher education. As I’m sure you’ve guessed already, I want to pursue a major in music composition. I’ve struggled with this decision for quite a while now (about two years, in fact), and I’ve realized that as much as I love engineering and science, music composition is my passion. I felt as if I was simply afraid to admit a decision I had already made, due to the various discouragements from parents and the difficulties associated with the career in general. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me; I love music too much.

I realize that difficulties are common in a career of music. Even if I do get a job, I probably won’t be able to support a family by composition alone. But with the ever-increasing options in the modern world (thanks to the exponential growth of media), I do believe hard work can land me in a position that I will not only be able to enjoy, but also be able to earn a living from.

In order to get to those places, I must first practice my skills in school. Ideally, I would be accepted to a conservatory of music or a music college where I can receive the top-of-the nation music education. However, financial, academic and parental issues prevent that from happening. Long story short, I’m currently looking to (hopefully) receive a scholarship to a university that not only has a good music program but also has other academic options, so that if I ever wish to switch majors, I can do so.

It’s hard to believe the future is rushing towards me so quickly… Perhaps I’ll look back upon this post in two years and smile, knowing that I’m headed towards a career of passion and success.

I sure hope so.

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