That’s right, a new piece is complete. At first, the inspiration was slow to come. But when it did, I knew it was a keeper. After a few dedicated weekends, I have presented my brand new piece, Eclipse, to my band director for our school concert band to sightread.

The piece in itself, I personally believe, is one of my best works so far. Comparing it to my previous works for concert band, my improvement and growth is glaringly evident. Also, I like this piece a lot better than many of my other pieces.

Hopefully, when we sightread it, my fellow bandmates will like it as well. And while I’m at it, I’ll say I wish we could even perform it! But who am I kidding, right? I’ve got years ahead of me before my work is to be performed on stage.

I’m just happy that I finished it. Another piece to my repertoire!

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