Double Reed Day

Last weekend, I had the experience of participating on SUNY Fredonia’s Double Reed Day. As a bassoonist, it was an enjoyable day at Fredonia’s campus. Not only did I get to visit a fine music college, but I got to play in ensembles that are quite difficult to come by. As this event was specifically geared toward high/middle school double reed players, we got a chance to see things that we usually do not see in other music events, such as reed making classes. As a bassoonist who thoroughly enjoys making reeds, the new information gathered during the session was valuable and interesting. I particularly enjoyed being able to play a piece by Carl Maria von Weber in a bassoon quartet. The college students who worked with us throughout the day were friendly and approachable as well.

The master class was a good experience, but it made me realize a few things. It showed how fortunate I was to be living in a town where the arts and music are so well fostered, with so many talented mentors to guide and teach the younger generation their skills. It was quite evident that not everyone who came to this event had the same benefit.

I made some new friends, met some old ones, and overall had a fun day. What more could I ask?

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