Sightreading Eclipse

Not to start off on a tangent, but apparently according to Blogger “sightreading” is not a word. So I Googled it, and indeed it should be written as two separate words. As confirmed by Wikipedia.

As a lazy musician, I refuse to accept this and will continue to write the word as “sightreading.”

Speaking of sightreading, my high school band sightread my newest piece for concert band, Eclipse. As she has been every year, my band director was helpful and generous in the fact that she lent her rehearsal time to me for this opportunity and that she took the time to learn the score to conduct the piece. She also encouraged the band members to write constructive comments on their parts so that I could see what they thought about the piece.

Overall, the reaction was positive. This was my first big trial with minor, fast paced pieces, and with that in mind I think it was fairly well-received. As always, I learned technical things regarding different instruments that I had not known before.

Now, with all the constructive criticism that I have collected, I plan to revise the piece soon. Unlike my previous pieces for concert band where I wrote them and forgot about them, I plan to actually revise this piece to its fullest potential.

Oh, and just in case she reads this, I’d like to end by giving a big thank you to my band director.

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