Area All-State

Above is one of the pieces that the Area All-State band played at its concert (for the lack of a better recording). Along with Der Traum des Oenghus, we performed Jump Start (by a local composer), Cantos, and Fiesta.

For those of you that don’t know, Area All-State is an event hosted by NYSSMA every year. It gathers the best players from nearby schools, throws them together with a guest conductor, and makes them perform a concert after a day and a half of rehearsal. Sounds pretty tough, and I’ll be honest, it really is. Each and every one of us are fully exhausted by the end of the concert. But in the end, you’ve made a whole bunch of new friends, and spent almost two full days playing cool, new music. I think that’s worth the effort.

This year, our guest conductor was Cynthia Johnston Turner, director of bands at Cornell University. I quite enjoyed having her as conductor, as she was a lot of fun throughout the whole event. More importantly, she knew how to make a band sound better, which is kind of important if you only have a day and a half of rehearsals.

Big shout out to everyone in the band, choir, and orchestra. (Especially the orchestra, the concert was great!)

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