After we heard the sad news that our dear orchestra director would be retiring, we sightread this piece at the suggestion of his wife. He said that if we could play it beautifully, it would perhaps be our encore for his last concert with our high school.

The piece truly is beautiful, and I certainly do wish we get to play it. It would be the least we could do for our director.

Black Granite

I stumbled upon this piece purely by accident when I should have been doing my homework, and I realized it was the piece I had played (and loved) in band my Freshmen year. Realizing I hadn’t posted it on my blog, I decided to immediately remedy that.

Into the West

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you must know this song. It’s played during the credits of The Return of the King, and it sure is fitting. Take a listen, even if you’ve never watched or read the Lord of the Rings, and imagine sailing off across the sea into lands unknown…