I’m inclined to say that Prometheus could have benefited from a strong score. Although I do believe there were segments in there without music that were perfectly great the way they were. This was the only memorable motif from the film, but it was a good one.

Quality Work

I just spent the past hour and a half working on… what, four measures? Five, if you count the unfinished cadence? Sometimes there’s just so much music you want to pack into such little space.

Hopefully, with all this work that I’m putting into re-working a large portion of my choir piece, it’ll turn out to be a good one.

B♭ Is the Key to Jam

Old friends, new friends, and best friends. Oh, and the oxford comma, too.

Yesterday night, my buddy and I were visited by an old friend who had moved out of town way back in 6th grade. He brought along a friend of his own, and the four of us, all being musicians, immediately started playing some tunes. Drums, keyboard, sax, and guitar: we had quite a bit of fun rocking out to Chameleon (hence the title of this post), Viva la Vida, and more. We got to know each other better through talking about our own high school, especially the bands, and shared a few funk/jazz tunes that we loved.

After the jam session, we walked outside and made a nice little campfire and had a good chat. The night was great: a lot of fun and a lot of music. Seeing an old friend is always good, and making new ones is always exciting, but doing both at the same time with your best buddy, through music, is… well, it couldn’t get much better than that.

Morning Mood

During the summer, when I don’t have to wake up for school, I’ve always been waken up by my mother blasting classical music across the entire house. Usually the pieces are typical violin or clarinet concertos, but this morning it was Greig’s Morning Mood from the Peer Gynt Suite. A lovely piece, perfect for the mornings, and it brought back the memories of my woodwind quintet performing the suite. What a great way to start the day!

EDIT: This just struck me, and I had to add it in: I would absolutely love to play this in orchestra next year.


I’ve spent many hours during the past few days building a website for our school’s concert band. My friend and I have done everything from buying a domain and hosting the files to installing wordpress and tinkering with the theme. Now all that awaits the website is actual content. Hopefully as we near the start of the school year we’ll have more information to put up on the website.

Oh, and I should probably mention it: I’m the co-president of our school band for my Senior year. And at this point I guess I could call myself the webmaster as well.


It’s always interesting to find band pieces that I’ve played so long ago that I barely remember them. Yet when I hear it again, I know for sure I’ve played them before.

Also, I’ve found that the aforementioned rediscovery of band pieces happens most often with pieces by Robert W. Smith. Great composer, quite traditional in style, yet never boring to listen to.