B♭ Is the Key to Jam

Old friends, new friends, and best friends. Oh, and the oxford comma, too.

Yesterday night, my buddy and I were visited by an old friend who had moved out of town way back in 6th grade. He brought along a friend of his own, and the four of us, all being musicians, immediately started playing some tunes. Drums, keyboard, sax, and guitar: we had quite a bit of fun rocking out to Chameleon (hence the title of this post), Viva la Vida, and more. We got to know each other better through talking about our own high school, especially the bands, and shared a few funk/jazz tunes that we loved.

After the jam session, we walked outside and made a nice little campfire and had a good chat. The night was great: a lot of fun and a lot of music. Seeing an old friend is always good, and making new ones is always exciting, but doing both at the same time with your best buddy, through music, is… well, it couldn’t get much better than that.

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