The Amazing Spider-Man

A friend of mine convinced me to go with him to the midnight showing of The Amazing Spider-Man yesterday, and I’m glad I went. There were numerous aspects of the film that were done very well, including the fact that they didn’t stray far from the comic books. The film was much better than the previous Spider-Man films.

I noted the well-written score during the showing, and I came home and immediately looked up the composer. To my delight, it was none but the mighty James Horner. Here’s what Marc Webb, the director of the film, seemed to like Horner and his music very much:

When hearing Horner’s first musical cue, Webb described it as being “spectacular”. Webb said he wanted to find a composer to understand both grandeur and intimacy and he felt that James was a genius at that. “I wanted to to create a score that felt massive and huge but also intimate and small.”

I would have to agree, he is good at that.


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