Choir Piece

For some strange reason, it feels as if I’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort into this one piece, almost enough to say that this was my most laborious achievement. But that’s not exactly true, I’ve certainly spent more time on some of my other band pieces, and this piece wasn’t even the most challenging one to write. Perhaps it’s the fact that I learned a tremendous amount while writing this piece, or maybe it’s the fact that this piece went through massive revisions, the likes of which I had never previously taken the time to complete. It could even be the fact that I worked on it almost weekly with my composition teacher, giving me a regular checkpoint so that I would never quite feel too far detached from the piece. It’s most likely all of those things combined.

That said, the piece is now done and ready for performance. Considering that this is the second choir piece I have ever written, this is in no way a masterpiece. However, I do believe that it is a beautiful piece of music with some great sonorities. My main inspiration was Eric Whitacre’s Sleep. Just like Sleep, the piece is not rhythmically complex, but rather aims to amaze with its chords. The interplay of dissonance and consonance makes or breaks these types of pieces.

Now the challenge is finding singers who can perform the work. I could wait until school comes around and ask the choir to perform it, but I’m quite impatient and also a little hesitant to ask the choir, for various reasons. Another option is to find some singer friends and ask for their help, but I would need at least two singers for each voice part, and that may be a difficulty.

More to come on the status of the performance and the details of the piece.

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