I trudged in through my front door and dragged my tired limbs to my room. I propped open my laptop for a routine check of my email as I do after every game. Expecting nothing but the usual wash of unimportant emails, I was all but ready to jump into the shower. But one email had been prioritized by my inbox as important and came from a name I was not familiar with. Hm.
To my delight, this email was an invitation to play with the pit orchestra of the local theater company called Running to Places. They needed a bassoonist for their production of Oklahoma! Needless to say, I was stoked. Anything to keep me playing rigorously through the summer.

This was last Friday, and today is Monday. From Sunday to Sunday there were five rehearsals and three shows (the first rehearsal was eight hours long!). The week was a lot of fun; I got to play with some old friends and makes some new ones. The conductor/pianist was absolutely delightful and it was nothing but fantastic to work with him. Although by the last performance I had started getting bored of watching the same show over and over again, the music was challenging enough to keep me occupied. For a week’s worth of rehearsals, I’d have to say the performances went quite well.

Props to all the cast and crew that were involved in the production, and hats off to the members of the pit orchestra, who never get enough attention for what they do in theater. 

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