Internship at REP Studio

You hear the phrase “real world experience” tossed around a lot as a student, especially when you’re a rising senior in high school. If you’re talking about the digital music industry, this isn’t easy to come by. Fortunately, I was able to land an internship at the local REP Studio. And I’ve been neck-deep in real world experience for the past week and a half thanks to this wonderful opportunity.

When I first went into the studio, I marveled at all the expensive gear that I would be able to work with. From vintage microphones to a massive control surface, I felt like a little kid in a whole new playground. By the second day in, I had already learned how to use the editing tools on Pro Tools (industry standard software) and finished editing an entire episode of a radio broadcast that is recorded at REP Studio weekly. Thanks to my previous experience with my home software and gear, I caught on quickly to the tasks assigned.

My time at the studio can be described as hours of learning and gaining experience punctuated by the occasional logistical tasks and chores that need doing around the studio. The experience is quite enjoyable not only because I’m learning skills that are of great interest to me, but also because of the diversity in the sessions and the clients. During my time in the studio so far, I’ve helped record radio shows interviewing authors and musicians, and heard voiceovers for large businesses and car companies. I thought we’d just be recording bands and singers, and I’m delighted at the variety.

If you’re interested, the radio show that I edited is an episode of Out of Bounds. You can find the airing information on the website if you’re local, and if not, tune in here on Thursday at 7pm Eastern to listen on the web.

Time for me to go to sleep now, another episode of Out of Bounds awaits my editing tomorrow!

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