Beats Solo HD

Considering the $200 price tag on these, I never would have gone out and bought these on my own. Sure, I need a good pair of headphones, but functionality is always above style on my list. That said, when these were gifted to me, I realized why the price tag was $200.

Not only are they great at delivering high quality audio, they block out other noise more effectively than any other on-ear headphones I have ever used. And if I’m using it with my iPod, I can crank up the level to full for most songs and my friends can enjoy the music along with me. Don’t worry, I don’t put them on my ears when I do that, I hang it around my neck. Which, by the way, is surprisingly comfortable. I lose a bit of bass, but a worthy tradeoff for being able to rock out with my friends.

I have been taking good care of it ever since I got it and I plan to continue doing so. It still amuses me that I walk around with a pair of $200 headphones on my head. Never would I have ever considered doing that.

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