Floppy Drive Music

As kind of a follow-up to my previous post, here’s a classic song recreated by using the sounds of eight floppy drives. Seems like floppy discs are actually quite useful in creating music, as this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them make songs. For Battlefield players, here’s some more floppy music:

And some Pirates:

And some Star Wars…
And Peer Gynt.

Scanner Sings Somebody That I Used to Know

Creating music with technology is cool, but it’s cooler when it’s unconventional. Taken from the video description:

HP Scanjet 3C as the vocals. It lags a bit due to the fast paced vocals. In order for the stepper motor to play a note it has to be moving and with that large carriage it takes a few milli seconds before it can play a note. It doesn’t sound like a lot of time but stretch that over a 4 minute song and voila…out of sync. Programming does help to compensate but it is not perfect.

Amiga 600 Bass on left audio output and Guitar on right audio output

Each audio channel was feed into an oscilloscope

2 Harddrives as the drums and cymbal

Xylophone as the Xylophone (duh)

Both the Harddrive and Xylophone are controlled by one PIC16F84A mircocontroller 

You Are Not Special

In the midst of Senior year schoolwork and college application season, I’ve been doing all that I can to make time for composing. The most recent inspiration came from a rather unlikely text: a high school commencement speech. But perhaps after listening to the speech, you’ll agree that it’s some inspiring stuff.

Check out the full text of the speech here.

Band Potluck

Tie die, capture the flag, chain tag, and a very delicious potluck dinner. These things aren’t something you’d think a normal high school band would do together, but I guess our band’s just special that way.

For the first time, the officers and a planning committe of two put together a potluck, aimed at getting the freshmen more comfortable with the returning members before school started. Thanks to the brilliant planning by the two girls on the committe, the event ran smoothly and was packed with fun. I was very happy to hear positive reactions from our band director, students, and parents alike.

I, for one, have my own tie-die shirt hanging in my bathroom right now, waiting to dry so that I can proudly wear it on my first day of school.

Well, perhaps tie-die isn’t such a great choice of wear for the very first day, but I’m sure I’ll wear it sometime during the first week. Month. I’ll wear it eventually, I suppose.

P.S. We also got a new tune for Pep Band this year: Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.

Music as a Language

When my friend first linked this video to me, I was excited because it was a TED Talk involving Victor Wooten, but then I was sad to see that it was only five minutes long. But the video captured me right from the start and I sat entranced, for what felt like hours. All musicians should watch this video at least once in their lifetime. Although, my friend recommends that you watch it twice: once for the message, and the second time for the music.