Band Potluck

Tie die, capture the flag, chain tag, and a very delicious potluck dinner. These things aren’t something you’d think a normal high school band would do together, but I guess our band’s just special that way.

For the first time, the officers and a planning committe of two put together a potluck, aimed at getting the freshmen more comfortable with the returning members before school started. Thanks to the brilliant planning by the two girls on the committe, the event ran smoothly and was packed with fun. I was very happy to hear positive reactions from our band director, students, and parents alike.

I, for one, have my own tie-die shirt hanging in my bathroom right now, waiting to dry so that I can proudly wear it on my first day of school.

Well, perhaps tie-die isn’t such a great choice of wear for the very first day, but I’m sure I’ll wear it sometime during the first week. Month. I’ll wear it eventually, I suppose.

P.S. We also got a new tune for Pep Band this year: Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.

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  1. Very, very cool! I’m totally stealing these ideas – my bands and orchs get a party when they reach one hundred points (for going above and beyond musically and as human beings), so an evening like this sounds like it would be a ton of fun! IHS band is definitely a very special band. :).

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