Old Wine in New Bottles

Here it is, in full glory. I went to watch the movie at its midnight release with friends, and while the fun factor and the good movie factor pulled me to go, it was really the music that made me forego my sleep to watch this. As with the previous films, Howard Shore did not disappoint. If you had been able to see my face when the movie started off with the Hobbits’ theme, you would’ve thought I was a five year old.

Knowing and understanding the symbolism hidden within the musical themes, it mad the movie just that much more rich. For example, the fact that the clarinet, not the flute, now held the Hobbits’ theme, said much about the change of character between Frodo and Bilbo. However, despite the abundance of original music, there was only one new theme that stood out: the Dwarves’ theme. Even if you know nothing about music, you’ll notice it during the film. Trust me. The other recognizable themes, however, such as the beloved Hobbits’ theme and the Ring’s theme, were reused.

Another interesting thing of note: the first few measures of the soundtrack are akin to Beethoven’s works in that the theme switches back and forth from major to minor and back again (pun intended). It’s fitting for the movie, and I bet Howard Shore’s inspiration included Beethoven.

I plan to go watch it again in theaters before the movie stops showing, and maybe that time I’ll simply sit down, close my eyes, and fully enjoy the magical creation of Howard Shore.

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