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A discussion about contemporary classical music and its inaccessibility to laypeople came up yesterday between me and a friend of mine during robotics club, of all places. He said that he was not a fan of how contemporary classical music was taking a more and more atonal approach, because it makes it that much more inaccessible to laypeople who have difficulty comprehending or appreciating those types of music.

Ives, as I indicated in my previous post, was a huge fan of atonality, polytonality, clusters, and everything else that characterizes “inaccessible” music. That got me thinking: where do I lie on this spectrum as a composer?

I know that there’s no rush for me to find my own musical voice, but I still think this question is very relevant to my compositions. How much of these “inaccessible” techniques am I willing to put into my own music? Is it more important to me that people can easily enjoy what I write, or am I more concerned about the complex inner meanings of my music?

These are all great unanswered questions. And I imagine they’ll remain unanswered for quite a long time.

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