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A great part of doing a project about music composition is being able to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do, but never had time to do so. One of those things is a score study.

For those who are not music experts, a score study is an extended period of time spent studying an ensemble work of music, usually done by conductors in preparation of rehearsing that piece of music. When conductors study scores, they analyze chords, learn the melodies, study the orchestration, and more. Some conductors even commit the entire score to memory so that they can conduct that piece of music without any music in front of them!

Of course, I won’t be memorizing any scores; I already have enough music to worry about without trying to commit other composers’ music to memory. But as with any other art or skill, studying and analyzing the works of the masters that came before (in my case, that would be composers like Beethoven or Mozart… Those names sound familiar?).

So, in the hopes of gaining new musical insights and knowledge, I’ll be starting my score study today with the Brandenburg Concerto 3 in G Major by none other than Johann Sebastian Bach himself, and will be doing at least three more scores throughout the course of my project, moving from classical to contemporary in genre.

Time to dive into some Bach!

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  1. First I would like to say, I love that concerto, it’s just so awesome. Second, Good luck with the studying and analyzing, for I have conducted many times in orchestra and it is no easy task!!

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