WISE – Former Projects (Part 1)

A few days ago our WISE teacher showed us a documentary of a high school senior building a barn. As you might have guessed, the barn-building was that student’s WISE project. What you might not have guessed, however, is the fact that creating the documentary of the barn building was also a WISE project in itself, done by another student in collaboration with the barn building senior.

A few things struck me about both the documentary and the barn-building, and I took notes on them as I watched the movie. Here are some points from my notes:

  • It was a flawless blend of two projects: the barn-building and its documentation
  • The film felt very professional in its quality
  • The typical “everything takes longer than expected” problem seemed to arise
  • The student did a very good job adapting to problems as they arose and fixing them on the fly.
  • The student received some amazing help from the community

When the student in the flim discussed his problems of cutting down trees for his barn and getting them stuck or realizing that the wood was too heavy for him to move, his ability to quickly think of solutions and put them to use was impressive. I hope that I can do the same during my rehearsals if problems arise, hopefully without having to bring in a tractor to do my heavy-lifting.

The most important thing I took away from this former WISE project was not any specific detail, but inspiration. Simply put, the documentary was top-notch, and watching it made me want to produce an equally high quality end product.


  • Barnsong. Prod. Schylur Wood. Perf. Austin Beierle. 2002. DVD.
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