WISE – Former Projects (Part 3)

Here are three things I loved about Josh’s project:

  • His self-reflections. After all, that’s what a journal is all about, and Josh was spot-on in that area. His positive attitude enjoyable to read and, he was very honest to himself about the state of his project. He realized when some things weren’t working out and quickly adapted his project to account for the problems, and he took great pride on the things that were turning out very well.
  • How easily I could relate to the project. Being a musician myself, reading about a jazz piano project was like reading through a good friend’s journal. Also, he often talked about his strong beliefs on how music should be taught or what music truly is, which is something that every musician struggles to define. It was clear that he was fascinated by the topic, and it’s always more interesting to hear someone talk about something they love.
  • He went to Northwestern. Yes, that counts as a part of his project because his college auditions were a part of his project. Maybe I’ll even try to find him there when I head over to Evanston next year!

Two things he could have done better:

  • I saw him include a chord progression in his journal once, and I wish I had done that more. It’s always interesting to see the specifics of someone’s work once in a while.
  • He didn’t really talk about much about his mentor meetings; those are an integral part of the WISE project.

Two things I’m going to borrow from his project:

  • My friends have always liked it when I show them my staff paper, so I think I’ll post some pictures of the work I have so far, just as Josh tried to include chord progressions in his journal.
  • Josh mentioned his cumulative progress almost every post. Someone stumbling upon my own blog, I realized, may have trouble figuring out where I am. So I’ll be adding some sort of a “timeline” page to help out the reader.
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