WISE – Quick Lists

A few quick self-reflective lists never hurt. Here are some:

Things I want to accomplish in the next week:

  • Get at least halfway through my next score study: Beethoven’s String Quartet 15. Hopefully I’ll get through at least the form and structure, then worry about the chords and progressions in the week after.
  • There are quite a few ideas floating around my composition notebook for my piece for string orchestra, but I need to choose one to pursue. I’ll definitely need to do that within the week to keep up with my schedule.

That should keep me fully occupied for the next week.

Things I did last week:

Things I love doing as a part of my project:

  • As obvious as it sounds, composing. The fact that I can do this as a part of a school project still thrills me.
  • Spending more time doing music in school. I find that the more time I spend doing music related activities during a day, the better that day becomes.
  • Reading my friends’ projects. I never know what to expect when reading their blogs, and the variety of the subjects makes sure that each time I read, there’s something interesting.
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