WISE – To Each Their Own

I’ve always struggled to find a method of note-taking that fit every aspect of my life. I’m not talking about note-taking for a physics exam or a calculus quiz: I’m talking about jotting down reminders to myself and ideas that come up throughout the day. Everyday note-taking.

I recently purchased a Nexus 4 as my first smartphone, and it has done wonders in making my life easier. I can now keep all my to-do lists, tasks, reminders, and homework in one place. Problem is, I don’t think even the newest of technologies will ever make a better substitute for pencil and paper when it comes to music.

I recently got a chance to read through a friend’s print journal, and I have to say it was a nice blend between scrapbook and journal. The engineer in me would probably call it an “artist engineering notebook.” Regardless of what I call it, one thing was clear: her journal was a place for all her project related musings. Everything from doodles drawn on sick days to glued pictures to hastily jotted down ideas; she did all her brainstorming and reflecting there. It made me wish that I, too, could have a pencil and paper medium where I consolidated everything about this project.

But to each their own: I chose to run a blog instead, and keep a separate composition notebook for my music. You see, unlike my friend and her trusty journal, my music isn’t just a WISE project: it’s my life. The personal, musical things can still go in my composition notebook, and what I want to share is written here on this blog.

And so it will be this way, or at least until technology sufficiently advances to digitize the pencil and paper too. For iPad users, that may be closer than you think.

Oh, and check out my aforementioned friend’s blog.

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