Trust Yourself

Learning to trust myself was one of the biggest lessons I learned from being a musician.

I took out my tenor saxophone for the first time in months today and did some noodling around. I started off with scales to familiarize myself back into the instrument, and things came back quickly. After jamming to some pep band tunes (my comfort zone), I decided to improvise with the tune Amazing Grace. I’d never really thought to improve on my saxophone before, since I’d always thought I “wasn’t good enough.” But lo and behold, with a little bit of faith, it turned out quite all right. With that boost of courage, I moved onto Ellington’s Don’t Get Around Much Anymore and improvised on that as well.

With a little bit of trust, I did something that I didn’t know I could do, and I had a lot of fun doing it. That’s music for you.

Maybe with some more practice, I’ll record some of these spontaneous practice sessions.

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