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Here are some kind words from one of our wonderful librarians that read my WISE blog:

I just cruised through Joon’s blog, and it’s really good: informative, lively, good links. I don’t know what his product will be–?–but his writing is very good, and as his student reader noted, he’s very organized. I want to hear some music, is all–is there a way he can share a short composition, or a cover?

I also used his links to the other student projects–great use of the blog form!

I wonder if he will be able to keep up as senioritis sets in–the entries are shorter, more cursory, recently.

There are a few different things of note here:

  • I like to use links. I will continue to do so as it seems to be a positive addition to my posts.
  • I added a small addition to my WISE page that hopefully makes it clear to the reader what the product of my project will be.
  • Because of my composing process (pencil on paper) it’s difficult for me to share snippets of my compositions aurally, but you can see snippets in visual form here.
  • It’s not Senioritis, I swear. If it’s anything, it’s my decision to spend the time I have composing rather than blogging about it.
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