WISE – Comfort Zone (Part 2)

On my previous post about comfort zones I discussed parts of my project where I had stepped out of my comfort zone to grow. But there certainly has been a time in my project where the reverse was the case.

Proposing the composing project itself was partly motivated by the fact that composing was a part of my comfort zone. Although the vastly outweighing factor was that I wanted my project to be something I truly enjoy doing, that naturally meant that this activity would also fall within my comfort zone. I still decided to go ahead with the project because I knew that there were still many ways in which I could grow and learn musically.

Looking back now, I think it was the correct decision to make. The project has been quite enjoyable so far and I have managed to learn a variety of new things such as sonata form and string instrument techniques that I never would have bothered to learn on my own.

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