WISE – The Second Rehearsal and Recording

It’s over!

No, not the project. The project’s a long way from over. But arguably the largest single part of my project has now been completed: the recording of my piece for string orchestra.

If there was one thing that I consider most important about what I got of this rehearsal/recording session was the fact that I ran a full 45 minute rehearsal entirely by myself. Our orchestra director chimed in with helpful tips here and there, but I was the one on the podium the entire time, at the center of attention of the entire orchestra.

It takes many years of specialized education and enduring dedication to be a music teacher. I got to experience a slice of how it feels during those 45 minutes. Standing in front of almost 70 of my peers, I asked a lot out of them. Even though the words that came out of my mouth may have been “violins, please play this measure in time,” or “violas, you can definitely be louder there,” what I was actually asking them to do was to give 100% of their effort to the task of making music together. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Without the orchestra’s patience, my preparation, and our mutual respect, we could not have produced a recording at the end of the 45 minutes.

The recording was in fact produced and I am currently in the stages of putting it together with the video of me conducting. For those of you who wish to hear the recording or see the video, come to my presentation on June 11th at noon! The venue is yet to be determined, but that is where I will be premiering the finished product.

In the meantime, I plan to have a MIDI-sampled version of the piece for people to listen to up here on my blog. Keep a look out for it, coming soon!

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