WISE – Luke, the Harmonica Player

It’s one thing to be the very first presenter, no matter what the school project, but it’s another to have the entire WISE student body present for the presentation. Despite all this, Luke, a good friend of mine and a fellow WISE student, set the bar high for the presentations to come.

Each year, one WISE student volunteers to give their presentations in front of the entire WISE student body as an example to kick off the WISE presentation season. Luke gave his presentation about his experience learning to play the Harmonica in our school’s lecture hall, in order to accommodate the unusually large audience. It may seem as if the odds were stacked against him to perform well, but Luke, as I know personally, is a natural stage man and breezed through his presentation without a hitch.

His Google presentation was a nice compliment to his explanations, and as I expected he used the harmonica extensively to demonstrate the technique or melody to which he was referring. He led us through some history, music theory, techniques, inspirations/mentors, and even the construction and repair of a harmonica. He concluded the presentation with a blues performance, joined by guitarist Adam.

You see, I’m no stranger to good WISE presentations. I attended what I now know was a top notch WISE presentation by a friend of mine during my freshmen year. I often attribute that presentation as what convinced me to join WISE. Now, it’s my turn to put on a presentation of my own that will hopefully inspire others like me to join WISE.

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