Whitacre Coming to Northwestern

February 4th I’ll be giving a Q&A/workshop at Northwestern University, free and open to the public!

I saw these words on Eric Whitacre‘s Facebook page as I walked out of composition class this afternoon and I just about dropped my phone and screamed. Whitacre is undoubtedly my single greatest inspiration as a composer, and has been somewhat of a “hero” figure to me ever since I played his piece October in band. Hearing that he’ll be coming to give a free Q&A session at my university instantly turned me into a small child who’d been given everything he ever wanted.

One of the main reasons I chose to come to Northwestern is its prestigious Bienen School of Music. I knew that the musical opportunities that would be available on this campus would greatly aid in my growth as a composer, and it seems that I’ve made the right choice.

Feburary 4th couldn’t come any slower!

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