DCI 2014 Tour Premier

I can’t believe I almost decided not to go to this.

For half the price of a normal DCI event ticket, two of my musician friends and I (one of which is a fellow marcher and the other being a percussionist) went to watch the DIC 2014 Tour Premier at the local cinemas. And boy was it a show!

For those of you who don’t know, Drum Core International is to marching bands as NFL is to football. In fact, their tagline is “Marching Music’s Major League.” If you’re ever been impressed by a college marching band’s performance (You’ve most likely seen some Ohio State Marching Band’s videos floating around on YouTube) or been part of a marching band in your life, DCI is something you should not skip on checking out. Each summer, these drum corps from around the country put on some spectacular shows that only become more and more creative as the years go on.

This season premier showed many of the top-level corps performing at a very high level, especially considering the early stage of the season. I was very happy to see that my favorite corp, the Cadets, went home with the 1st place title with their incredible show built around the music of Aaron Copland (especially Lincoln Portrait, a piece that lies close to my heart) and the legacy of U.S. presidents. My props for creativity goes to the Bluecoats, for their interesting use of the concept of “Tilt” to produce a strange yet extremely visually intriguing show. Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment, a few of the old favorites, also put on spectacular shows.

I’m planning on attending another nearby show, this time to see it live. The setlist on this event looks just as good as the season premier, and to say I’m excited would be a huge understatement.

And in the distant future, my own marching season looms… but until I am called once more to band camp in August, I’ll enjoy DCI from the bleachers.

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