My Alma Mater’s New Alma Mater

A good friend of mine and a recent graduate of my high school composed a new alma mater for the high school as his WISE project (That’s right, it’s the same program that I myself completed a year ago!). I had heard about his project when I visited the high school during my winter break, and I was very excited to hear that he was taking on this much-needed musical update, mentored by the much-praised new choir director. You can check out an interview with Michael, the composer, done by the Ithaca Journal here.

It’s truly great to see my high school get an alma mater, and one composed by a friend at that. I’ve always known that our high school lacked in the spirit department, and after a year at a Big Ten university (not to mention being part of the marching band), it was quite evident that this was certainly true. While I couldn’t expect a public high school to have the same amount of school spirit as a world-renowned higher educational, Division I institution, I’ve always thought that our high school could take better steps to better our school unity. A new alma mater is a huge step in that direction, and I’m very happy to see it done by capable hands.

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