America – Imagine Dragons

It’s one of those songs that keeps you from hitting that skip button because of the eight bars that just sound so right. And so you keep coming back to it and eventually you realize you’ve grown to love the whole song.

I’m a huge fan of Imagine Dragons, but I hadn’t heard their earlier album (nor have most people), on which this song appears. If you enjoyed their recent chart-topping album, it’s worth checking out.

Lack of Composing

Some people get this feeling if they haven’t worked out in a while. Some people get it when they haven’t read a captivating novel lately. For some, it’s the lack of a good bike ride or run. For everyone, it’s a something a little different, but everyone sometimes gets that feeling of emptiness in your life, when you haven’t had time to do something you really love.

Maybe it’s because it’s my emotional outlet, but I always feel it when I haven’t composed it a while. The thought of “oh, it’s been too long since I wrote music” inevitably creeps up on me anytime that I’ve been away from my keyboard for too long, whether there are other distractions in my life or not.

For one, I think it’s a good thing; it tells me that 1) I have an emotional outlet, and 2) I enjoy doing something enough to miss it subconsciously.

Well, time to find some inspiration.