Roadside Score is Done!

Another year, another film score! I’ve finished working on my latest project: the score to the film Roadside, written and directed by Noa Wiener. This film is funded by one of the ten grants given out by Studio 22, the student run film production group on campus. From the two film scores I worked on last year, I learned that composing to picture is something I really enjoy doing. I knew I wanted to continue working student films, but I had no idea I would get such a perfect opportunity.

I petitioned to be the composer for Roadside since the premise was post-apocalyptic and I absolutely love post-apocalyptic stories. Turns out the atmosphere that they were going for in the film really suits a more electronic, synth-heavy score, or at least that’s what the direct and I agreed on. I was able to take her vision on the soundscape and put my own stamp on it, resulting in a unique yet dangerous and visceral sound. Looking back, not only am I very proud of the mood that I helped create in the film, but I’m also very happy with the thematic manipulation and timbre choices that I made. My composition teacher was very happy with the film’s score as well, which made me feel even better about it.

Most of all, I was glad to have an opportunity to compose a score that was extremely different than the scores I composed last year. I’ve always been wanting to produce something with more electronics and It’s great to know that I now have something of that sound world to show for in a potential portfolio!

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