First Rehearsal for Senior Recital – Check

Well… that happened.

It really is a privilege and an honor to be at Northwestern university, where an undergraduate composition student can decide to put on an wind ensemble piece on his senior recital and actually make it happen. It’s still a bit hard to believe – that I could stand in front of a group of incredible talented musicians and rehearse them through a piece of music I wrote. I’m just so incredibly thankful and I feel so fortunate to be supported by so many great friends.

The first rehearsal for my wind ensemble piece (to be performed at my senior recital next weekend) went pretty well. We were able to run through the entire piece (all six movements) in the first half, and was able to hit some trouble spots more specifically in the second half. Thanks to a conductor/teacher friend of mine who actually does this stuff for a living, I had some great conducting guidance. I learned a lot just today, not only about what I can actually do as a musician but also about the things I need to improve (being expressive while conducting mixed meter is hard!). On the composing side, I feel like I’m starting to get a much better grasp of what wind ensemble writing really is. This piece is by far the longest piece of music I’ve written (if you count all the movements together), and I feel like I have grown so much as a composer in the process.

And the best part… there’s still SO much more learning left to do! Two more rehearsals until the recital. Hope you’ll join us!

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