A Boy and a Girl

A Boy and a Girl

Stretched out on the grass
a boy and a girl.
Savoring their oranges,
giving their kisses like waves exchanging foam. 

Stretched out on the beach,
a boy and a girl.
Savoring their limes,
giving their kisses like clouds exchanging foam. 

Stretched out underground,
a boy and a girl.
Saying nothing, never kissing,
giving silence for silence. 

Octavio Paz, 1914-1998
(Translated by Muriel Rukeyser)

Isn’t it just beautiful? Both the poem and the music?

Into the West

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you must know this song. It’s played during the credits of The Return of the King, and it sure is fitting. Take a listen, even if you’ve never watched or read the Lord of the Rings, and imagine sailing off across the sea into lands unknown…


No, I’m not posting this because I heard in The King’s Speech, although that was a great movie. I played this piece in orchestra last year and it always comes back to me once in a while, and I thought it especially fitting on a day like today.