A Boy and a Girl

A Boy and a Girl

Stretched out on the grass
a boy and a girl.
Savoring their oranges,
giving their kisses like waves exchanging foam. 

Stretched out on the beach,
a boy and a girl.
Savoring their limes,
giving their kisses like clouds exchanging foam. 

Stretched out underground,
a boy and a girl.
Saying nothing, never kissing,
giving silence for silence. 

Octavio Paz, 1914-1998
(Translated by Muriel Rukeyser)

Isn’t it just beautiful? Both the poem and the music?

What If

I just discovered this song at a friend’s house while browsing through Eric Whitacre’s website. I was at first put off by the fact that he titled one of his songs “What If,” stealing my thunder and all, but then I listened to the piece and realized I absolutely loved it.

Eric Whitacre’s Notes

“I often make ‘drawings’ of pieces before I begin writing them, pages and pages of sketches, notes, and aspirations for the work that his yet to be made. Here is one of those pages from Equus, created in the very early days of the writing process.” – Eric Whitacre

Isn’t this simply astonishing? It’s amazing to see what actually goes on behind the scenes… It’s a closer look at what’s in his mind. If only my own composition notebook looked like that.

October by Eric Whitacre

Be forewarned: you’re going to be seeing a lot of small, random, but mostly related, posts such as these.

Here’s a piece our band played last year, I rediscovered it this morning. Very beautiful, very emotional, and written by one of my favorite composers. 
I also found a version of it that interested me: for string orchestra.
Eric Whitacre, for those of you who don’t know, does amazing things such as this.