The Prince of Egypt

Perhaps I’m past the age for Disney movies, but this movie’s a different story. For some reason I find the music in this movie better than any other Disney movie I’ve seen. Perhaps it’s because the music is the work of Hans Zimmer, but I still hold, after all these years, a particular liking to the music of this movie. I’m not religious, but I don’t think that really matters for you to enjoy these songs.

Music from October Sky

I first saw this movie in my Design and Drawing for Production class (trust me, it was related) and the music from it has stuck with me ever since. It was the first piece in which I really heard the full potential of the strings’ beauty. It’s one of those themes that just sticks with you after the movie is over, especially because the movie is so moving.

This is another great tune from the movie, just as string-centric and beautiful as the first one.

Star Wars Movie Night

Due to the fact that we are playing the music of Star Wars in our school band, we decided to get together and have a Star Wars movie night where we would watch the entire original trilogy at once. Needless to say, it was an absolute blast of 7 hours, with friends. Since I hadn’t watched the movies in quite a while, it was a great experience for me to enjoy the music that I not only love, but now am playing!

Film Scoring

People tell me, music is a career that won’t put food on the table. Unless you’re the best of the best of the best. And I say, but mom, I want a job that I love! And in that respect I’m glad I’m looking into an engineering major because yes, it’s true, it’s hard to make a decent living off of simply writing music. However, because I started at a fairly early age, I believe that I have a chance to reach those “best of the best” levels. Perhaps life could’ve been a little more helpful to me and put me in L.A. or someplace where I can actually meet those famous people, but life’s not fair. So I make do with the wonderful resource called the internet and watch videos such as these.

And it’s all about Flim Composing, which is one area of music that not only would I like to try out, but can actually give you a job. Take it a step further, to something I love even more than movies: video games. Martin O’Donnell is the composer for Bungie’s Halo franchise, and I’ve watched a lot of interviews of him. Not to mention Hans Zimmer and John Williams: they’re all greatly inspiring to me!