The Fun That Is Pep Band

I walked into the band room last night for the last Pep Band game of the season, and was greeted with this from my band director:

“Hi Joon! Do you want to conduct a bit today?”
I must have looked quite ridiculous at that moment, a half-eaten bacon cheeseburger in one hand and decorative caution tape in the other, complete with a slowly but surely appearing grin on my face. Conducting? How could I say no?
Turns out that our trumpet section was quite thin last night, and it was enough of a problem that our band director decided to play trumpet instead. Whatever the circumstances, I was just grateful for the opportunity. And what an opportunity it was! I stumbled over some things like cutoffs, but I think it was a good learning experience. I noticed quite a few differences as I conducted: for one, I could hear the whole band from where I was standing. That’s usually not the case when I’m standing in the saxophone section during a normal Pep Band game. Also, the tempo that I set seemed to feel slower to many others. Maybe that could be attributed to a bit of nervousness (I was so scared I would mess up during the Star Spangled Banner), but nonetheless an important thing to keep in mind. Oh, and I learned that your arms start hurting after conducting fast tempo songs for two hours (conducting “a bit” turned into the whole time). I can’t imagine how our band director does this every game.
Unfortunately, it was the last home football game of the season, making it our last Pep Band game as well. When our band director asked all the Seniors to pose for pictures at the end of the night, I suddenly realized how much I’d miss Pep Band. And I’m not just saying that as a “last game” thing; I genuinely am going to miss four years of rocking-out, crazy-hard, voice-losing, caution-taped fun.
Well, we still have the parade at the end of the year. Go Pep Band!

Band Potluck

Tie die, capture the flag, chain tag, and a very delicious potluck dinner. These things aren’t something you’d think a normal high school band would do together, but I guess our band’s just special that way.

For the first time, the officers and a planning committe of two put together a potluck, aimed at getting the freshmen more comfortable with the returning members before school started. Thanks to the brilliant planning by the two girls on the committe, the event ran smoothly and was packed with fun. I was very happy to hear positive reactions from our band director, students, and parents alike.

I, for one, have my own tie-die shirt hanging in my bathroom right now, waiting to dry so that I can proudly wear it on my first day of school.

Well, perhaps tie-die isn’t such a great choice of wear for the very first day, but I’m sure I’ll wear it sometime during the first week. Month. I’ll wear it eventually, I suppose.

P.S. We also got a new tune for Pep Band this year: Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.

Pep Band

It’s good to be back.

Our high school Pep Band had our first home game of the season. For those of you that don’t know, our school has a Pep Band that plays rockin’ awesome tunes for each of our football team’s home games. It’s a whole lot of jam packed fun and excitement, all the way from top-of-the-lung cheers to a Sousaphone solo section. Playing funky and groovy music with a talented group of friends can be quite a fantastic feeling.

I’m looking forward to the two other games that are coming up. But for now, the tiredness is taking its toll on me; good night!

Love Those Letters

A very exciting opportunity arose a few weeks ago when my band teacher asked me to arrange a song for our school’s Pep Band. This song is an alphabet song for kids, and was written by a local music teacher and reading specialist. It’s a catchy little tune, and I’ve been working on it for a few days now. Hopefully, I’ll finish it before the weekend so that I can discuss and edit the piece as need be with my band teacher.

Our Pep Band will be playing this song in the city parade in June.

Pep Band

Boy, do I miss Pep Band.

Every football season at our high school our band takes on the role of a Pep Band and plays at the football games. Not only are the songs so much fun to play, but the memories of going out there and playing with friends for hours, rain or shine, simply cannot be replaced. I cannot wait for next year to come around.

Speaking of songs, we play some great tunes such as I Want You Back, NFL on Fox, Brick House, The Way I Are, YMCA, Rocky, Land of a Thousand Dances, Soul Man, and many more.

But with no doubt, our favorite and all time classic: